• Their first single changing hands for astronomical sums more than  thirty-five years after its release 

  • Appearing on two cult vinyl compilations and a major label boxed set, and in 2015 on a fully re-mastered vinyl abum retrospective

  • New singles released in 2014, 2015 and 2016



funboy five

behind the legend

The Singles so far...

Released on the Cool-Cat-Daddy-O label in January 1980, the single 'Life After Death'/'Compulsive Eater' became the Funboy Five's only vinyl release during their initial 18-month existence, although the group also recorded a four-song radio session for the John Peel Show and its members appeared on records and cassette releases in other projects.

In the decade following its release, 'Life After Death'/'Compulsive Eater', complete with its "awful" handwritten stapled sleeve, available in blue, green, pink or yellow, became increasingly prized by collectors.

Funboy Five: Life After Death yellow cover

To mark the approximately thirty-fourth anniversary of their debut single, the Funboy Five  recorded new material and released a new vinyl single, 'Save The World', in a limited edition of 500, during August 2014.    

Funboy Five: Save The World single cover

Only months rather than decades later, in 2015 came the Funboy Five's third single, 'Radio Free Asia', initially available only as a digital download.

Funboy Five: Radio Free Asia cover

Also in 2015, 'Ramptonesque' the instrumental-with-vocal tribute to Ken 'Rampton' Bouttell long popular on Youtube, became available as a digital download.

Funboy Five: Ramptonesque cover

Similarly in October 2015, 'Kermitose', the second in what promises to be a series of  instrumental-with-vocal tributes to well-known Hemel Hempstead characters, appeared as a digital download.

Funboy Five: Ramptonesque cover

In April 2016, came the vigorously anti-capitalist 'Vipers Of The Commonwealth'  as a digital download.

Funboy Five: Vipers Of The Commonwealth cover

The Albums so far...

In early 2015, the back catalogue of the Funboy Five (and Milkshake Melon) was re-mastered and assembled as a vinyl album, Landmarks, Ruins and Memories, the first release on the Italian label Ave Phoenix.

Funboy Five: Landmarks, Ruins and Memories

During the 1990s, the group had started gaining a wider audience when 'Life After Death' appeared on two cult vinyl compilations: Killed By Death (#007) and Teenage Treats (Vol 10).

cover of killed by death #007

cover of teenage treats vol 10

In 2006, the Funboy Five were honoured by appearing on Messthetics #101: D.I.Y. 77-81 London, a CD compilation complete with colour sleeve and detailed notes.

messthetics #101 sleeve


It seemed only right for the group to produce their own CD, Very Hush! Hush!, with 40 minutes of music including both sides of the single, an early demo version of 'Life After Death' and an alternative take of 'Compulsive Eater'.

Funboy Five: Very Hush! Hush! cover


In 2009 came the remarkable discovery that even entertainment industry octopus Universal wanted in: 'Life After Death' was included - under strict terms dictated by the band - on a 4-CD boxed set issued by that label to celebrate the work and influence of the radio DJ, John Peel.

Kats Karavan: The History of John Peel on the radio




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