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Robert Radmall

Despite apparent evidence to the contrary, the original Funboy Five drummer was called Robert Radmall, not Robert Radhall.

No-one had asked him for his surname until the BBC observed this formality during the recording of the Funboy Five’s John Peel Session. Robert presumably gave his name correctly but somehow it got misheard or misspelt and became written to posterity as Radhall.

Robert never mentioned the error and the first the other Funboy Five members knew of it was 35 years later when they heard the sad news of his death, bizarrely via the BBC television programme Heir Hunters on which Robert was featured, having died without leaving a will and with no known family.

After the Funboy Five, Robert attended London's Goldsmiths College and played with another band, who were and shall remain nameless, who provided the pics on this page. He subsequently became highly regarded in London film and photography circles; see the memorial website robertradmallrip.com, which also holds the Funboy Five's recollections of Robert.

The Funboy Five created their own musical tribute to Robert with 'The Radmall Rundown', available as a free download (click the pic below then click the ‘Buy’ button) from Bandcamp.

Robert was a unique character who had a positive an impact on all who knew him. We missed him when he left the band. We miss him again now.






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